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One of my favorite Jrockers of all time!!


Wow...I really wish to see this!! It's on 11th November, Friday at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Hall, Singapore
and the standard ticket price is S$148.


After venturing into Kpop, I am finally back to Jrock again. Might not be a bad thing since I don't get so much unnecessary
heartaches with Jrock compared to Kpop. So I should say... ただいま !!!  ^^



I really missed alice nine and Shou. I have been neglecting them since I became involved in the Kpop.
Perhaps it's time to come back to Jrock.


Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides



If you're a huge fan of anime, then you know that one of the most popular series in the Gundam franchise is "Gundam Wing". It's hard to believe that it was first released 15 years ago – it ran on TV Asahi from April 7th, 1995 to March 29th, 1996 with 49 episodes. It's also the first Gundam series to be dubbed and aired in other languages.

To commemorate this occassion, head writer Katasuyuki Sumisawa is in the process of writing the newest addition to the 'Gundam Wing' series, which he started back in August.

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The first trailer for the third instalment of "Transformers" reveals "a secret hidden for 40 years".

I am looking forward to this movie even if Megan Fox is not in it.



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